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Having your Van break down can extremely inconvenient as well as costly if you don’t have the right cover in place. Breakdown for commercial Vans is a necessary addon to your existing policy and ensures your business doesn’t suffer in the event your Van is out of action.

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What is business van breakdown cover?

Van breakdown cover is designed as an additional policy to provide roadside assistance in the event you break down. In the event your vehicle cannot be fixed by the side of the road, you’ll be covered for local recovery to either a garage or to your home address.

As with Van insurance, there is a many different levels of breakdown cover to suit all requirements including private, commercial, and fleet usage as well as specialist business use such as couriers.

What are the different types of commercial breakdown cover for Vans?

When looking for the best Van breakdown cover, you’ll need to understand the different policy options. Since most Vans on the road in the UK are being used for commercial purposes, how you use your Van and where you drive on a daily basis will ultimately determine the level of cover you need.

Most small to medium sized companies rely on one or more Vans in order to conduct their business. Whether delivering goods, attending appointments, or providing services, even one Van in a fleet going out of action could be costly to the business.

As standard, breakdown cover for commercial Vans will include roadside assistance and local recovery. Depending on your needs as a business, you can then add a number of options to increase the level of your cover.

  • National Recovery

    If you operate as a delivery driver or courier outside of your local area, then you’ll want to make sure you are covered for national recovery. If you break down and your Van cannot be fixed by the side of the road, you’ll have the option of being towed to a destination of your choosing, regardless of where in the UK you’ve broken down.

  • Home Start

    With a standard business Van breakdown cover, you wont be covered if your Van fails to start at home. Most recovery policies only come into action when you at least ¼ mile from your home address. Adding home start to your cover will ensure a mobile mechanic attends to your Van at your registered address.

  • European (EU) Cover

    If you regularly travel out the UK for both private or business reasons, make sure your breakdown cover includes EU destinations. You should check carefully however as there will be certain country restrictions as well as a limit to the amount of trips or days you’ll be covered for in any single calendar year.

  • Onward journey cover

    In the event you have broken down far from home and need to carry on your journey, adding onward journey cover will cover the costs involved with making sure you reach your final destination. This includes overnight accommodation and temporary vehicle hire.

What if I don’t have commercial Van breakdown cover?

Breaking down without the relevant cover could be costly. Big companies such as the RAC and AA wont attend to vehicles that don’t have a policy with them. In the event that you don’t have a breakdown plan, you’ll need to call a local recovery company. The cost for this could be high, you probably won’t get seen to at the roadside and its unlikely you’ll get much further than a local garage.

Furthermore, you’ll not be covered for onward travel or loss of business as a result of your Van being out of action and any vehicle hire, accommodation or expenses incurred will be your responsibility. For a small annual premium, we highly recommend you compare breakdown cover today with vaninsurance.com.

Common breakdown causes

When driving a Van as part of your business or indeed someone else business, vehicle maintenance should always be a high priority. Avoid breakdowns in the first place is always better than dealing with them when they arise.

Most businesses will suffer financially when one or more of their fleet is out of action. Regularly checking the following will help keep your Van on the road and in good working order.

  • Engine warning lights

    Modern Vans have fairly sophisticated on board computers which can detect malfunctions and warn us before they become a bigger problem that essentially leads to a breakdown. Don’t ignore warning lights. They are there for a reason and should always be checked out, regardless of how insignificant it may seem. If a warning light comes on while driving, pull over and check it out just to be safe.

  • Flat tyres

    A common issue with commercial Vans, especially those in or around construction sites or builders’ yards. Slow punctures can catch you off guard at the worst time. Keep an eye on tyre pressure and check weekly to ensure all round good tyre health.

  • Flat batteries

    Flat batteries are common in the colder winter months. Since the battery gets charged while the vehicle is moving, your more likely to suffer a flat battery when you’ve been parked up. One of the most common call outs for recovery companies is to deal with flat batteries. Keep a regular maintenance schedule and have your battery health tested every few months in winter.

Breakdown cover for Fleet

For those looking to provide commercial breakdown cover to more than one vehicle, you should consider a fleet policy. Taking out cover for a fleet will be far more cost effective than taking out individual policies for each Van.

Fleet cover will protect all vehicles owned by the company along with all authorised drivers against breakdown. Due to the complexity of business and fleet breakdown cover, it’s not something you will commonly see on price comparison sites. However, we’re hear on the phone at our UK based call centre where one of our specialists will be happy to walk you through a custom quotation.

Why compare Van breakdown cover?

As with Van insurance, there are many different levels of cover offered by many different companies. Comparing breakdown cover with vaninsurance.com not only ensures you get the best cover, but gives you access to exclusive deals you won’t find elsewhere.

Compare options, change cover levels, and increase protection with the best options packaged in. If you’re looking for a comprehensive breakdown insurance, use vaninsurance.com to save time and money.

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